Phoenix Colo and Phoenix Datacenter News

Phoenix Data CentersIf you want security for your communications and company data then the Phoenix colocation center we mentioned last time is for you. After reading through this weeks post we recommend visiting our favorite data center in the Phoenix area.  They are managed from the website Phoenix Colocation dot co, you can click here to read more about their green data center solutions.

Enhanced security through secure servers and measures such as onsite guards and special entry procedures including video and biometric entry passes make this a doubly secure location which is backed up by an array of technical expertise which is second to none. In a world where hackers steal data from national security organizations as easily as picking your pocket, security is a number one issue. More IT companies are buying space in these centers to achieve numerous economies of scale in enhanced bandwidth and a variety of AC or DC power usage options. Greater space and technical services and connectivity to multiple servers mean greater flexibility or response and innovation. Multiple optic cables provide connectivity in case one means of connection goes down. Some clients have satellite connection links.

Whilst your own IT staff take care of the day to day affairs of your company the colocation center looks after your logistical support and space for your operations . No more power cuts loosing you data and important time and cooling through air conditioners and fire prevention measures so that your equipment doesn’t overheat.Phoenix Colo

Redundant services for all your services guard against equipment failures as well as generators ready to come into action if the electricity grid fails The service back up is 24 hours and client based so that companies can talk directly to trained staff about problem solving. Private and public Cloud computing are available with a single click. This is the future of company IT developments and creating new business strategies as well as all the details including client billing which can be run by the collocation center. E commerce companies can process their billings and company transactions without fear of outside interference. Large companies can install their communications in the data center with confidence that redundant systems will back up systems in the event of failure. No more lost data. The catastrophic consequences of computer failure in large sized companies and public utilities can be avoided by their installing their systems in a safe and secure environment. Combating fraud and hacking is easier from a centralized and secure location. The center has a “Meet me” room where clients can talk to each other.

Service support remains the clients’ number one concern , having a technical expert to guide them through complex solutions is a great comfort factor and it makes sense to pool resources with experts to avoid the in house glitches which often plague companies. The next generation for corporate IT communications has arrived and hackers will find their task of stealing commercial information such as bank details even more difficult. New solutions in the cloud technology will evolve to make communications faster and more efficient. Phoenix has the distinction of not being an earthquake area and not being prone to hurricanes and tsunami’s and floods all of which have done great damage in the US this year.